10 baby feeding essentials for starting solids

When you start weaning the baby, there are feeding items that you must have to make the journey smooth. There are so many items to select in the market out there.  While varieties is essential, it is confusing to most mom what are the best feeding essential for starting solids To avoid confusion, we have prepared a list of baby feeding essentials for starting solids. 10 baby feeding essentials for starting solids Spoons and bowls
Choose plastic spoon and bowls. Why we prefer plastic, a baby becomes fussy sometimes and throw away the plate if the bowl is ceramic or glass made can break easily and cause damage. Check whether the bowl and spoons meet plastic standard, BPA and phthalate free. Also make sure the bowl and spoons are best for microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Buy numerous of them, tight-fitting lid bowl that you can use while traveling and bowls divided into separate compartments to be used when your baby prefers his food not get mixed. Baby cups
Cups with soft spout are be…


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